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Elma F. David

d. June 22, 2019

Durham – Elma F. David, 93, passed away June 22, 2019 at Salem Home in Hillsboro.  She was born February 4, 1926 to Jacob and Leah (Lorenz) David North West of Durham.  Survivors include: sister-in-law, Alvina David of Florida; niece, Linda David of Florida.  Predeceased by: brothers, Andrew, Lester, Wesley, Vernon.  Graveside service 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at Durham Baptist Cemetery (from Durham 4 miles West on 290th, Diamond go 1 mile North, 300th go West 1/2 mile) officiated by Pastor Brad Penn.  Online condolences at www.jostfuneralhome.com

Life Sketch Taken from the Funeral Bulletin

Elma F. David, 93, entered this world on February 4th, 1926. Elma left this world on June 22nd, 2019 after a brief illness while residing at Salem Home, Hillsboro, KS.


The youngest and last remaining of six children born to Jacob E. David and Leah (Lorenz) David, Elma lived all of her life at the family homestead, rural Durham KS.


Her family had the blessings and curses of unequalled intelligence. Elma’s life was greatly impacted by this. Elma was filled with questions…she started conversations with a question and held you with one last question, which led to another and another in a bid to keep you talking.


Only twice to her knowledge did she travel more than a small radius outside the confines of her home. However Elma was not confined in her intellect or knowledge. While not seeing the globe firsthand, she had a world-wide wanderer’s view through her lifelines of voracious reading and radio listening. She could talk about nearly any subject with accuracy. She did indeed “Know something about everything and everything about some things”


She was brilliant and beautiful. She was a descendent of God’s chosen. She was fiercely independent in how she lived, which was by her own sense of integrity and adaptable fortitude. These all led to an unconventional and austere life. Her long held sense of loyalty to her mother led her to say often “If it was good enough for mom, it is good enough for me.”

Her needs were few, her concerns were many. What she loved she loved immensely…nature, all animals, her family home, and her privacy.  What concerned her concerned her obsessively… global resource abuse, over population, animal rights and humanitarian concerns, particularly religion’s role in wealth distribution to ease suffering. As the sole remaining David, she took seriously the choices she must make in caring for the family land and legacy.


She had a quick wit and instinctive sense of irony. She laughed easily and often when amused.


Most importantly, Elma felt destined to be a farmer and cattle woman. While not moving forward in time with technology, she put body and soul into the land in the simplest manner, and was happy when her efforts yielded a return in kind.


As with all things, Elma’s spiritual beliefs were not defined by conventional religion. She knew the Bible and the essence thereof very well. She talked often of Christianity and the responsibility of Christian faith though she did not attend a church.  Elma’s intellect fought with belief, but she had faith in God. Her favorite song, “My God and I”, distills her faith statement…


“My God and I go in the field together;
We walk and talk as good friends should and do;
We clasp our hands, our voices ring with laughter;
My God and I walk through the meadow’s hue.”

Elma will be greatly missed by those on earth who loved her unconditionally. We commend her into the freedom and love she so richly deserves in the Creator God – Who is the Lover of her soul…and of her questions.


Elma is preceded in death by her parents, Jacob E. David and Leah (Lorenz) David; by her siblings Wesley T. David, Alice L. David, Andrew C. David, Lester R. David (L.R.) and Vernon J. David; and by her nephews.  Her dog, Farmer Fox, died in 2013 and was greatly missed by Elma.

Survivors are her sister-in-law Alvina (Val…wife of L.R.) and niece Linda (daughter of L.R.), other distant relatives, and friends in the community.


Elma’s life and generosity will be memorialized through her bequeathal to several charitable organizations and the Durham Baptist Church.












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